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Just like the personal loan, the senior mortgage is a consumer credit. It differs from other types of personal credit by its guarantee: this type of loan is, in fact, secured by mortgaged property belonging to the borrower. How exactly does the senior mortgage work and what category of people does he or she go to?

The principle of mortgage lending

In 2006, the Mortgage Life Loan was launched by Crédit Foncier de France to allow the use of its real estate property in another way. This type of loan guarantees the housing of the borrower and offers him a credit paid in cash, in exchange for a credit calculated according to the value of the property. Repayment of the credit made without death insurance occurs only when the borrower dies or when the property is sold.

As a result, the borrower remains the owner of his property until his death and does not make any refund during his lifetime. The bank therefore only receives the repayments and its interest on the death of the borrower, the repayment being made from the selling price of the house.

If the heirs of the dwelling choose to keep the house, they will be responsible for repaying the entire loan with interest to the bank. However, the mortgage life loan is a loan that is repaid expensive, with an interest rate of 7.50%. Its main advantages lie in the fact that it only pays off when the borrower dies and at the same time allows the borrower to use a pool of credits.

Senior Mortgage Loan: Who Can Benefit?

The mortgage life loan, which is a personal loan, is only intended for a natural person.

It can not therefore be obtained to finance professional projects and can not be granted to an association or a legal person. If this type of loan does not require any condition of age, level of income or state of health, banks that offer this kind of credit usually offer it to seniors aged 65 and over.

Seniors who benefit from this type of loan can thus obtain a varied amount  between 30 to 60% of the value of their property.

Types of operation that can be funded by the pensioned mortgage

As a personal loan, the pensioned mortgage is intended to finance only the personal projects of the borrower. The borrower can use this type of loan to finance the studies of his grandchildren, to undertake maintenance work on his home or to pay for a home help service.

Some seniors use this loan to pay for retirement home services. There are also those who choose to take out a mortgage life loan to pay for their medical expenses and to ensure that they can still receive medical care.

Some conditions for the senior mortgage

Certain conditions must be met to obtain a mortgage life loan. The loan must first and foremost be made without death insurance. The bank often requires a first mortgage on housing, to guarantee repayment of the loan.

In addition, the immovable property that is the subject of a mortgage must only be used for residential purposes, such as a principal residence or a second home.

By fulfilling these conditions, there is no reason for a senior to be denied a mortgage life loan, especially since this loan does not require any condition on the borrower’s health status.

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Loan consolidation, or repurchase of credit, refers to a banking technique of budget restructuring intended for all those who wish to benefit from a refinancing. As its name indicates, it allows to group all the credits of a household in a single low rate loan.

In which situation do you use loan consolidation?

To redeem credit is to protect yourself against any financial deterioration. For example, a job loss can cause a drop in income, as well as a retirement, or a divorce. And it is precisely through a loan buyback that it is possible to reduce the budget.

Simulate your loan consolidation Loan consolidation also proves to be the solution for the vi  excessive debt to avoid the downward spiral of over-indebtedness.

The benefits of buying back credit for your loan

By completing a loan consolidation, you will not have to manage a single loan. Also, you will only be liable to one institution. In addition, the purchase of credit allows you to reduce your monthly payments by up to 60%. This will save you purchasing power and help you manage your budget more easily and securely.

Mechanisms for buying back your loans

The redemption credit rate may have a variable or fixed rate. Variable, it is revised each year on the anniversary date of the signing of the loan consolidation agreement. It can therefore increase or decrease according to a reference index. That is why it is advisable to bet on the fixed rate, the objective being to better manage its budget.

  • Credit buyback: lowering interest rates and debt
  • Improve your budget management through credit redemption
  • Credit Cluster: Need and Benefits

How to succeed in buying back credit?

The repurchase of credit is not without risk, so do not neglect any detail. In addition to the APR (annual percentage rate of charge), the total cost of the financial operation, and in particular the new credit, must also be taken into account. In addition, you should also know that the longer the repayment period, the higher the cost of credit. The same goes for the additional financing, despite the decrease in the amount of the monthly payments, the latter can inflate the cost of the new loan. In short, do not hesitate to carry out a simulation of online credit redemption, to make sure that the characteristics of the new loan are adapted to your financial capacity.

It is obviously easier to manage your budget with a single loan in place instead of several. This is the reason why many banks offer consumers to opt for a loan consolidation, when they have subscribed to several loans they have trouble managing. Indeed, loan consolidation plays an important role in simplifying your budget management.
Simulation pooling of credit at the best rate

Reduce monthly expenses with loan consolidation

When a borrower subscribes to several credits, he may be unable to pay his bills as his debts accumulate.

When is loan consolidation necessary for your credit?

Borrowers can turn to credit buybacks for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the risk of over-indebtedness is one of the first reasons for consumers to use loan consolidation. In addition to the risk of over-indebtedness, some households may choose to pool their loans, to repay under more favorable conditions.

Many who choose to restructure their current credits do so to lighten their monthly expenses. They can be very heavy. They can also opt for the purchase of credit to optimize their ability to repay and have the opportunity to make a new loan, once all their debts settled. It can also be advantageous to use loan consolidation if at the time of signing your outstanding loan agreements, the interest rates applied were quite high.

With the repurchase of credit, you can renegotiate certain conditions, in order to benefit from a decrease of the monthly charges. However, the proposed conditions for loan consolidation may differ from bank to bank. It is therefore important, before any commitment, to compare the available offers and to simulate the loan to find the offer whose terms are the most flexible and the most advantageous for your finances.

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Sometimes, we have to go beyond the simple comparison of monthly payments to find the most suitable credit offer. Indeed, some borrowers are easily seduced by the low amount of the monthly payment. For a credit to be truly beneficial, it must allow the borrower to repay more flexibly over the long term.

Important for your car loan

It is therefore important to check the other terms and conditions of the credit before committing yourself. Compared to the monthly payment, some banks will be able to offer a low monthly payment, whereas in the end, the overall cost of the loan will be much higher than an offer with a higher monthly payment. Other elements are also to be checked as the possibilities of renegotiation of the loan during the loan period.
Simulate your car loan online

Buy your credit

In fact, it may be that during the repayment period, your financial situation improves, allowing you to repay your credit in full before the end of the contract. If some banks do not disapprove of early repayment, they may award you very high penalties. These penalties may, however, be canceled or negotiated before the contract is signed.

Insurance for your credit.

Also make sure that any reduction or increase in your monthly payment will not cause additional costs. There is another element that you will have to negotiate before subscribing to an auto loan : the deferral of monthly payments. This is a very important element as your financial situation can get complicated one day.

Your car loan without bank

In this case, you can ask the bank that offers the credit if it would be possible in this type of situation to change the date of collection of the monthly payment. If the opportunity arises, check the number of monthly payments that you can carry forward with the possible penalties provided in case of postponement of monthly payments.

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You want to offer a new car when the state of your finances does not allow you? Whether the car of your dreams is a new car or a used car, you can have fun without having to touch your wool stocking or one of your investments.

Auto Loan Application

Indeed, you can opt for the most convenient and also the most advantageous solution by subscribing a car loan in the sense of a consumer credit.

Thus, you will be entitled to a loan that will allow you to buy your new car without having disbursed any amount of money. An auto loan will also offer great convenience in the repayment of your deadlines because you will have the opportunity to manage your loan at any time. Thus your monthly payments will be constant and even in the case of certain lending organizations, you will have the power to change the date of your deduction or to postpone it or reduce it or increase it according to the evolution of your financial situation.

In addition, by contracting a car loan, the possibility of taking out insurance to cover your loan is also possible. So, by choosing insurance that’s right for you, you can protect both your family and yourself!

Indeed, this insurance will be able to endorse the payment of your deadlines or the rest of the capital of the debt to pay if, of unfortunate adventure, you lose your job or if you find yourself in a disability incapacity even a case of death.

Regarding the terms and conditions of a car loan, the purchase of new or used vehicles under 2 years or even second-hand vehicles of 2 years or more are part of the conditions for access to the loan.

Regarding the amount granted by the car loan for the purchase of your new car, it must not exceed the sum of € 75,000. And often a ceiling of 35 000 € is established for the purchase of a second-hand vehicle of 2 years and more. Moreover, for the annual percentage rate of charge (APR), in most cases, it varies between 5.31% and 15.89%.

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 The funding and funding instruments of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the ERP Special Fund are based on the first three development phases typical of innovative start-ups.

The Pre-Seed, Seed and Growth phases come from the vocabulary of venture capital financing and describe the development phases of start-ups.

Pre-seed describes the period before the foundation. In this phase, the founding team is formed. People interested in start-up get together or seek out fellow combatants to cover all the necessary skills. The business model is being developed. The product sketch is continued, possibly even up to the prototype. The founding team writes its business plan or business canvas, clarifies further financing and contacts potential investors. Pilot customers, sales and cooperation partners and employees who are necessary for further product development are acquired.

The capital requirement varies depending on the product. For research-based start-up projects, which are also associated with the production of a prototype, the financing requirements are comparatively high. Public support programs are available for the pre-seed phase.

Seed phase: The company is founded, further detail adjustments are ideally made in consultation with potential clients on the product. The business plan will be adjusted on an ongoing basis and, depending on the growth momentum, contacts with investors for the next round of financing will have to be established. Employees are hired. First steps are taken to launch the product on the market – nationally and possibly also internationally. Marketing and sales must be expanded.

In this phase costs for the establishment of the company and the related consulting services. Most importantly, further efforts are needed to further develop the product and promote marketing. In addition to public funding, business angels are available with capital and know-how. In addition, crowdfunding may be an option.

Growth phase: The company continues to expand its production and, above all, its distribution. Further employees are hired. Access to international markets is becoming increasingly important. Additional investors come on board. Sales are up, but profits are not usually made. In this development phase, however, the start-up should at least reach break-even.


The investment needs in this phase are concentrated on the expansion of sales and the further development of the products. The financing is provided by business angels or VC companies and can be flanked by public funding.

The designation of the phases is not “carved in stone”. Occasionally there is talk of Early Stage under which the seed phase and start-up phase are summarized. The growth phase can also be referred to as the expansion stage or growth phase. Each phase is different in duration and takes a few months to a few years, depending on the pace of development of the business.


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The current account credit is one of the most widely used products in the field of commercial financing in Germany. Often very expensive – and many companies use it in such a way that costs are often too high.


What is the current account loan for?

What is the current account loan for?

The current account credit is often abbreviated as KK-Kredit and offers companies and traders a way to claim the business account in an agreed credit line. It resembles in its operation the disposition credit (colloquially known as Dispo) with private accounts: The bank, with which the account is led, permits the account holder to cover the account at short notice, for example, to be able to settle unplanned or out of the norm payments and To cushion liquidity bottlenecks. In addition, a credit line is agreed in which this granted overdraft moves.

For example, at the end of the month, employees’ salaries must be paid, but a customer’s payments for services rendered have not yet arrived on the company’s account. This gap can be bridged with a current account credit.

Use current account credit? Yes, but right!

Use current account credit? Yes, but right!

A current account loan makes sense for companies, but should be used consciously and in the right way. Because: The KK loan is used for short-term bridging of liquidity peaks and is usually priced with a higher interest rate. Accordingly, this form of financing is too expensive for the company for medium-term or longer-term refinancing in use. If then the negotiated overdraft for the overdraft is overdrawn, without prior agreement, in most cases either automated redemptions or toleration by the financial provider will result in further high costs in the form of an overdraft commission.

Many companies use the current account credit incorrectly – and thus very costly.


The permanent use of the KK loan is expensive. However, those who use it in the short term, cushion only occurring peaks in the finances and repatriate in good time, benefit from a well-negotiated bank overdraft facility.

Of course, it makes sense in many cases, for the tips mentioned, to have a current account credit available. However, there are opportunities in modern corporate finance to relieve the current account credit and to refinance current assets as an alternative. The following alternatives help you to relieve the current account credit and thus operate more economically:

1. Working capital loans


The conditions for the current account credit can sometimes be very high due to the permanent availability. For entrepreneurs, it is advisable to keep an eye on current assets and the current financial situation in order to cushion any medium-term gaps in a timely manner and to avoid overdraft, if possible. The classic working capital loan offers this, whose interest rates are usually lower than for the overdraft facility .

Here it is recommended to choose a fast available loan as well as flexible lenders. Most times the times of high capital requirements are foreseeable, but not always perfectly plannable. Even if, as an entrepreneur, through experience and market knowledge, you realize at an early stage that a bottleneck will soon be created, the time to prepare is limited. Appointment with the bank advisor, presentation of the situation, receipt of the offer of the bank, acceptance and payment – this takes valuable time. If it is too late then the company has to use the often more expensive current account credit. Digitally applicable corporate financing such as Digital MittelstandScredit can provide an optimal solution here: Fast liquidity for companies, easy to apply for and credit approval is possible within 24 hours.

2. Finetrading


Finetrading is an alternative form of financing in which the purchase of goods and materials by a financial service provider is pre-financed for the company. A purchase financing offers many advantages for the company, the principle is simple:

The entrepreneur agrees with a finetrader the conditions of the purchase of goods and then ordered, as usual, at his suppliers the required goods and resources. The invoice is settled immediately by the finetrader so that the supplier receives his money immediately. The entrepreneur only pays the open sum directly to the financial service provider after an agreed payment date, for example after 3 months, if the company was already able to exploit the goods themselves and generate revenue. With immediate payment, companies can not only benefit from discounts and discounts of suppliers, but also protect the overdraft facility, which is often used to finance short-term product purchases.

3. Factoring


The granting of long payment terms, for example up to 3 months after delivery of goods, are part of the everyday life of many companies – and can endanger liquidity. Factoring is a form of financing in which a financial provider, the factor, buys the receivables of customers and settles them immediately. If necessary, the factor also assumes the default risk and receivables management of the receivables and thus relieves the company’s own bookkeeping and risk provisioning.

The company may continue to grant the customer an extended payment term, but has the funds directly available. Access to the current account to cover other costs or to accept further orders is avoided.

4. Guarantees and guarantees

guarantee facility

More and more customers of craftsmen, builders or manufacturers demand guarantees for the service rendered or to be rendered. This may, for example, relate to warranty or contract fulfillment obligations. If there is damage to the manufactured good or can not be completed or delayed due to problems of the order, costs are incurred by the company.

If, for example, a damage or a failure leads to a warranty claim, it is usually necessary to react quickly. The current account credit is then usually the only solution – and that can be correspondingly expensive. A guarantee loan , previously concluded with appropriate foresight, is usually cheaper in case of damage and the working capital is spared.

5. Warehouse financing

stock financing

A warehouse with goods that are held for sale or production is normal for many entrepreneurs, for example, to handle spontaneous orders and serve anyway. However, a warehouse also binds liquidity that could be better used elsewhere. Anyone who avoids a filled warehouse as an entrepreneur runs the risk of having to buy goods quickly when orders are high – the only way is usually overdraft credit.

Warehouse financing , a special financing , can save costs or provide additional budgets for more flexible goods purchases (for example, NOS projects). Here, interested companies should seek advice, as it is a special topic in financing circles.

Find the optimal financing now

Now find the optimal alternative to current account credit or compare the terms of your existing loan with the current situation on the market – and this on the basis of real offers from financial service providers:

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Ask for a paycheck loan due in the bank and with dirty name… It is possible. Yes! You are in need of money for yesterday, you are looking for an internet credit promoter, which is one of the easiest ways to apply for a payroll loan, choose the bank of your choice, do the simulation, sign the contract and send all necessary documentation.

After all this, the contract is entered into the system for the proposal to go through the credit table and endorsement… after a few hours or days, your agent will notify you that the loan has been disapproved. A big question mark is in the air, and the question is asked – what happened? Those who usually borrow money in the payroll form will occasionally come across surprises like this, especially after these acquisitions and partnerships between banks that are becoming more and more constant.

” Some institutions do not approve the credit if the applicant is owed in the bank or with internal restrictions, that is, with debts and financial arrears.” A real case is the BMG / ITAÚ bank, if the contractor has financial problems internally, such as cards, credit limit, overdraft, general debts or loans in arrears, it is better to look for another institution.

Facilities of same consignment due in the bank

“One of the main characteristics that the payroll loan offers is precisely the flexibility in the credit assessment”

This flexibility ensures that the applicant, regardless of whether he or she is in the bank, full of overdrawn credit cards, checks returned in trade, late bank loans or any other outstanding debt, is not a hindrance to the release of the requested money.

Although we think of “loans,” we immediately imagine that most banks, financial institutions and credit institutions show much more interest in clients with good credit and clean name to lend their resources, however, there are dozens of banks in the financial system whose main goal is to deal with people who are under the name dirty and credit with restrictions.

# 1 – Consigned, option for who has dirty name

It is true that a large part of the working population, pensioners, pensioners, civil servants and civil servants are indebted to heavily indebted banks with large amounts of debts in numerous financial institutions, with financial backlog and credit restriction because they are named list of credit protector.

The payroll certainly provides immediate financial assistance for those applicants who are typically rejected in conventional credit operations because of their credit restrictions in various agencies.

# 2 – Consigned Banks

Today, if you can do a paycheck deductible loan at a discount, you have several specialized financial institutions and banks for your free choice, the best known is the BMG bank, Itaú’s partner and a leader in the follow-up.

# 3 – Types of authorized operations

In the consigned it is possible to make some specific loan operations:

1 – New loans, with freely assignable margin.
2 – Refinancing, made after having paid about 35% of the contract.
3 – Purchase of debt, in this operation the loan is sold to another bank.
4 – Portability, exchange the bank for interest reduction.

It is not possible to anticipate installments in the consignment or to make partial discharge, only the total discharge is accepted or the refinancing.

Conclusion : You already know that credit policies are constantly changing, but in this category of “bad credit and low score loans,” with a dirty name and due at the bank, payroll is the only modality that actually releases loans with expressive amounts without consulting bodies such as credit protector.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is worth to mention that you can make consignment loans even with restrictions and must in the bank, as long as your new request to borrow money is not done on it – if it is, will be refused in most cases and attempts. You should not have internal debts in the bank, this affects approval.

Gold Tip : Ask for your new loan in a bank that you have no financial or debt pending, eg, have a BMG review, do at Daycoval. By doing so this obstacle is solved.

Participate with us, comment on your experience, help the reader understand more about this subject! Vote for the stars and leave your comment. Good luck!

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 Grants, loans, guarantees, participations and know-how: The BMWi supports tech and life science start-ups to turn promising ideas into successful companies.

In Germany, there is an extensive and well-funded range of financing instruments that are closely geared to the needs of innovative start-ups. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the ERP special funds managed by the BMWi, the provinces and their guarantor banks, private investors such as business angels and venture capital companies support start-ups in all entrepreneurial development phases.

Start-ups: innovative and fast-growing

The Federal Association of German Startups e. V. defines startups as companies that

  • younger than ten years are and
  • with their technology and / or their business model are (highly) innovative and / or
  • show or aim for significant employee and / or sales growth.

The term “start-up” can be applied intersectorally to all founders. Start-ups show their economic significance primarily as job drivers: According to analyzes by KfW Bankengruppe, all start-up companies that are not older than one year employ an average of 0.8 people. For start-ups, there are already 3.5 on average in the comparable period, the Startup Monitor 2016 states. At the same time, today’s start-ups are tomorrow’s hidden champions: medium-sized companies that are leading the way with their innovative products and services on international markets.

Financing secures startup and growth

Financing secures startup and growth

Start-ups need suitable and reliable financing for start-ups, growth and internationalization. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy therefore provides special financing instruments for innovative and technology-oriented founders, in addition to the proven subsidy loans and guarantees – as a substitute for bank-standard collateral. The reason for this lies not least in the fact that the “classic” start-up promotion via bank loans plays a rather subordinate role for start-ups – especially in the pre-seed and seed phase. This is understandable insofar as banks and savings banks are often difficult to assess innovative business models and their market potential due to their technical novelty.

In addition, there is the usually high capital requirement with usually missing collateral. And last but not least, it may take up to several years for the technology or LifeScience-based spin-offs from universities and research institutes to make the necessary market development possible before the product or process has the necessary marketability and the company can be in the black.

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology therefore supports innovative start-ups with tailor-made funding instruments and thus supports them

  • the preparation of business plans
  • additional research and development to adapt the product or service to the market
  • the development to maturity
  • Investments in the technical equipment of the company to realize the market entry
  • Marketing and sales development
  • the international market entry